10-13 September 2012, Systems Medicine International Conference -SYSMED 2012 (2)

Systems Medicine has emerged as a new approach to personalised health care, utilising biological/medical data integrated with mathematical and computational modelling, to understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and to develop new strategies for individualised diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The key challenge in Systems Medicine is to bridge the gap between experimental data and medical knowledge and to evaluate both in terms of clinical utility and patients' benefit. This is an ambitious field that will challenge how we study complex diseases and is anticipated to have a far-reaching, positive impact on modern therapeutics and medical practice, resulting in a more comprehensive and systematic patient care.



Walter Kolch (Systems Biology, Ireland) -

From proteomics and mathematical models to new therapies for colorectal cancer

Hans Lehrach (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany) - The future of Medicine (And Health)

Jochen Prehn, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland -

Apoptosis modelling predicts therapy responses in Cancer patients: Towards

Personalised Oncology Approaches

Hans Westerhoff (Manchester Centre for Integrated Systems Biology, UK) -

Systems Medicine: How to Capitalise on Molecular Medicine


When: 10-13 September 2012

Where: Dublin, Ireland


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