17-20 April 2012: Triple Event of the year “From Population Health to Personal Health"

The Genome-based Research and Population Health International Network (GRaPH-Int), the European Science Foundation “Forward Look on Personalised Medicine for the European citizen” (ESF) and the Public Heath Genomics European Network (PHGEN) will hold three upcoming back-to-back conferences in association with the European Flagship Pilot for Future Emerging Technologies “IT Future of Medicine” (ITFoM) on 17-20 April 2012 at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Rome.


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- General information about the organisation of the conference -


GRaPH-Int Symposium 17 April 2012

The GRaPH-Int Network is the leading voice at the global level in the field of Public Health Genomics and personalized healthcare. It bridges the translation process from basic research into policymaking and practice, and facilitates push-pull functions between academia, governmental bodies and the private sector.

The first part of the symposium will deal with emerging evidence in Public Health Genomics posing new challenges on many fronts of all healthcare systems. The second part will focus on Public Health Genomics in the field of Infectious Diseases.


ESF Stakeholder Conference 18 April 2012

In recognizing the importance of Personalised Medicine the European Medical Research Councils (EMRC) commissioned a Forward Look to gain insight into the needs for research programmes and infrastructures, policy and education. Forward Looks enable Europe's scientific community, in interaction with policy makers, to develop medium- to long-term views and analyses of future research developments with the aim of defining research agendas at national and European level. The Forward Look is a collaborative effort between all Standing Committees under the auspices of the European Science Foundation (ESF): Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences (LESC); Humanities (SCH); Social Sciences (SCSS); and Physics & Engineering (PESC).

The stakeholder conference follows on from three strategic meetings and a series of in-depth interviews that will result in reports currently undergoing comments and endorsement from participants an d from which recommendations will be extracted. The conference will give us the opportunity to challenge the recommendations expressed during these meetings with a high-level audience.


PHGEN II Endorsement Panel and Final Conference 19-20 April 2012

The Public Health Genomics European Network (PHGEN) is the cornerstone in the development of Public Health Genomics in Europe. It is funded by the European Commission General Directorate for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) under the Health Programme. PHGEN II produces the first edition of "European Best Practice Guidelines for Quality Assurance, Provision and Use of Genome-based Information and Technologies". The guidelines assist all EU Member States, Applicant and EFTA-EEA Countries with evidence-based guidance on the timely and responsible integration of genome-based information and technologies into healthcare systems.

At the final conference of PHGEN II the European best practice guidelines will be presented to European policymakers and National Competent Authorities and strive for endorsement through a scientific expert panel. Afterwards they will be viewed by the EU Public Consu ltation Process.

All three meetings are organized in association with ITFoM. ITFoM is one of six pilot projects in the European Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship scheme vying for €1 billion funding from both the European Commission, Member States and other sources over ten years in order to generate a scientific revolution. It produces computational models of individual persons ('the virtual twin'), which will follow the person during the whole life course through the healthcare systems.




You can download the invitation to the event here.