20 February 2012: Interview with Prof. Hans Westerhoff in the European Biotechnology Science & Industry News

Prof. Hans Westerhoff, coordinator of the Integration Platform has been interviewed about truly individualized cancer therapy as one of ITFoM's goals. In the interview, he describes the manifold challenges of the project as well as the opportunities for Europe to be a leader in the field of cancer modelling.


A statement from Prof. Westerhoff extracted from the interview:westerhoff



Systems biology, cell biology and molecular biology and medicine have produced blueprints of how the human body and different parts of it work. But currently we only understand parts of the whole, and that information is based on genomics, molecular biology and physiology. IT could make information continuous. It can enable projections of all that scattered information into an IT model of the human body. And it can enable the calculation/evaluation of what any particular piece of information means in the context of whole body functioning.




The full interview can be read in the current issue No. 1-2 - Volume 11 - 2012 of the European Biotechnology Science & Industry News.



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