12-13 October 2012: From Genomes to Networks – New Developments in Complex Disease Analysis

Living organisms are very complex and understanding their organization and function as a whole is a challenge. After decades of accumulation of detailed knowledge about individual genes, proteins, and pathways, we can now tackle a more integrated understanding of the complexity of life.

Talks of ITFoM Participants:
Mark Ross (Illumina, Cambridge) - Towards clinical application of next-generation sequencing
Karsten Hiller (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, LCSB) - In vivo metabolomics

Gunter Röth (Bull, Köln) - Bioinformatics, data storage and high performance computing
Anthony Brookes (University of Leicester) - I4Health Informatics


When: 12-13 October 2012


Where: Potsdam, Germany


For more information on the event, please follow this link.