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The Institut Pasteur campus in Paris is the site of one of the most dynamic and innovative research campuses in the world with over 2600 people (scientists, technical staff, administrators and support staff) working on the campus. Over 60 nationalities are represented, in line with Louis Pasteur's plans to create a dynamic focus for scientists from all over the world to work together on a common aim, to improve human health and welfare through scientific discovery. All of us aim to maintain the Pasteur tradition of excellence and innovation.

The Albert lab is a mixed INSERM / Pasteur Unit. Our group's basic science and clinical research goals are to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the different immunologic outcomes of antigen cross-presentation — cross-priming versus cross-tolerization. These pathways impact many homeostatic and pathological processes. Specifically the lab focuses on questions of tumor and viral immunity. We aim to identify key points of regulation involved in activating cytolytic T lymphocytes (CTLs) as well as key points of disregulation where tumor and viral proteins interfere with the generation of specific immunity. Recently we have begun a 10 year population based study (Millieu Interieu) to examine genetic and environmental determinants of immune variance.


Profile of staff members

Prof Dr Matthew L Albert is head of the Immunology department at Institut Pasteur and also co-head and founder of the Centre for Human Immunology (CIH). Dr Darragh Duffy is an immunolgist and research manager at Institut Pasteur.



The laboratory of Dendritic Cell Immunobiology

Institut Pasteur



Five publications relevant to the project

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