ISC Intelligence in Science (ISC), Brussels, Belgium

ISC Description of organisation

ISC specializes in science public relations, science information dissemination and science and R&D policy analysis. ISC serves science and technology communities to build an understanding of their research and innovation activities amongst policy and decision-makers. ISC expertise is engaged by policy makers, scientific and contract research organizations, intellectual property professionals, academic institutions, industry technology transfer experts and others involved in R&D and innovation processes. ISC analyses science, research and innovation related policies for both private and public sector organizations at international, EU and EU Member State level.


- Policy Monitoring: monitoring science related policy priority setting and developments in the EU at Council, European Parliament, Commission and agency level, member state positions, industry positions, etc. ISC also covers the US.

- Policy Auditing: identify opportunities in forthcoming EU legislation for science-based organizations, liaise with policy makers, and provide inputs and briefings, including setting down proposals for amendments.

- EU Funding Opportunities: early stage identification of appropriate calls for proposals as well as tenders; provide support on financial and legal procedures to participate in EU and US programmes.


Previous experience

ISC designs and implements science dissemination campaigns targeted to science and general journalists and main decision-makers. ISC has successfully developed communication strategies aimed at increasing awareness about excellence in R&D and intellectual property rights for private and public organizations.


- Design public and media relations

- Implementation of science communication strategies and awareness campaigns

- Dissemination of scientific partnership profile

- Science policy oriented press releases

- Management of communication channels among partners and funding organizations to ensure an efficient flow of information.

- Management of science events/seminars in Brussels and press conference to brief main policy and decision makers and promote your R&D and scientific capabilities


Profile of staff members

Declan Kirrane has a background in analysing the relationship between public and private R&D funding and the impact on R&D performance he has worked extensively on science and technology policy evaluation methodologies and technology options for policy- and decision-makers. He was the launch editor of CORDIS. Pilar Gomez has experience as project manager for science and technology based organizations such as EUREKA, epolineĀ®, European Patent Office, Brussels Capital region, US Department of Energy Office of Science, DG Research, Microsoft and Media Lab Europe.



ISC Intelligence in Science