Institute for Medical Genome Research and Systems Biology (IMG), Vienna, Austria

Description of organisation

IMG is a discovery driven management and consultancy enterprise dedicated to move advancements in genomics and genetic research towards personalised medicines and treatment schemes. This is only possible by linking frontier research in IT, life sciences and public health. In the short time of its activities IMG had a strong focus in the area of oncology and liver diseases and built up international networks including IT to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications. A series of patent applications and publications resulted from these international projects and contacts with commercial partners are initiated. One specific project was to establish a R&D plan for individualised medicine with a world leader company in Heath services.


Previous experience

IMG has a reputation for successful Project Management linking partners from different science camps into interdisciplinary projects (especially linking life sciences IT and medicine). Through its main actors IMG is experienced in leading large mostly industrial R&D entities encompassing science, technology, project management and controlling, administration and co operations with both Industry and Academia. Furthermore IMG disposes of far reaching experience with Public Private Partnerships (e.g. German DHGP, GABI and NGFN) and IP Handling.


Profile of staff members

Peter Swetly, Biochemist by training, is experienced both in the coordination of academic research (Vice President for Research at the Veterinary Medical University Vienna) and in coordinating industrial R&D in drug development (Director of R&D Boehringer Ingelheim Austria).

Nikolaus Zacherl, Lawyer by training, is experienced in operating and administering industrial R&R entities at Sandoz (today Novartis) and the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (Boehringer Ingelheim), both in Vienna., In addition he was intensively involved in PPP Projects and start ups in Life Science. At present he is CEO of IMG.