Institut Universitaire de Cancérologie IUC

Description of organizationpicture1

The Institut Universitaire de Cancerologie (IUC) Pierre and Marie Curie, is a French federation who was created in 2012 in the aim to fight the cancer;

IUC is composed by four french Academic Partners:

Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC)

The Paris hospitals (AP-HP)

National institute of health and medical research (INSERM)

National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

IUC has a Partner Board and a Scientific and Pedagogical Board.

Previous experience

The fight against Cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach, in medicine and in fundamental science like biology, chemistery, mathematics and physical science. The teams of the IUC have experience in many topics in Oncology


in diagnosis and treatment of cancer in large Cohorts in all ages: In 2011: 23 449 patients, included 14 647 new patients, 3 966 Surgical Patients with solid tumors: mainly Gastrointestinal, Breast/Gynecologic, Genito-urinary, Head and Neck, Lung, Brain, Thyroid cancers and malignant hemopathies


Fundamental, Translationnal and clinical research in:

Sciences, Biology, Modelisation, Mathematics, Physical Sciences

Drug Discovery and Development, Chemistry, Marine Stations

Inflammation, Immunology, Virus

Platforms, Genomic, Anatomopathology, Imagery

Teaching: Specifically for Cancer: IUC has 10 full-time professors in medical oncology and radiotherapy and 13 professors in hematology. For solid cancers, 85 professors have more than 50 % of their activity in cancer

Profile of staff members

IUC is directed by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Pierre and Marie Curie, Serge Uzan. IUC has over 500 members in 86 Teams: 54 care departments and 32 of research teams in nearly all the topics of Oncology. Most of the members have a teaching activity