KOL Medical Media

Description of organisationlogo kol medical media

KOL Medical Media is an innovating company specialised in communicating medical science to target publics, using various media (print, online, video, dedicated applications).


With its products, KOL Medical Media ensures medical continuous information and education, in concordance with the new international discoveries and interdisciplinary approaches.


The KOL Medical Media team is made of professionals with a double culture – medical and of communication.


The specific focus of KOL Medical Media is on the future medicine (health technology assessment, personalized medicine, genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, ICT and medicine, biotechnology, bioeconomy), approached though the following dedicated channels:


- “Hipocrate” Journal, in print and online, represents the most important brand of medical media in Romania. It is addressed to opinion leaders from academic, medical and health policy environments


- “4P” Magazine (Prevention, Participation, Prediction, Personalization) represents the most important media vehicle addressed to patients and general public


- The Journal “Family Physician’s Guide” is dedicated to primary care from Romania


- “Nobel in Romania” is the event that facilitates the meeting between the opinion leaders in medicine and related disciplines with Nobel Prize laureates, creating the opportunity for exchanging knowledge, for creativity and for developing mutual projects


- “Hipocrate” iPad application represents the most recent proof of our commitment in communicating innovation using the most innovative means