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PubGene AS was founded in response to a clear demand for products that organize information for life sciences. Information relevant to drug development, disease prevention, diagnostics and other issues pertaining to human health and wellbeing is the data-domain that PubGene addresses. PubGene develops bioinformatics solutions for microarray approaches, including gene and protein arrays. PubGene provides a unique software-as-a-service platform, Coremine, which enables domain-specific community portals combining context networks. Coremine Medical provides qualified connections between medical concepts such as diseases, drugs, treatments, symptoms, genes and medical experts.

PubGene is well-positioned to become one of the leading providers of domain-specific online information communities.


With Coremine Medical, users get access to vast amounts of medical information from high quality sources such as MEDLINE, PubMed, DrugBank, ClinicalTrials, and a continuously increasing number of key biomedical information sources.


PubGene Inc. is a privately held US-based bioinformatics company. PubGene Inc. wholly owns its Norwegian subsidiary PubGene AS and Sencel AS, where the main product development and coordination of marketing activities are carried out.


Previous experience

PubGene has over the last decade been involved in several international R&D project financed by either national funding programs or EU funding programs. PubGene As has had the lead role in several of the national funded projects 1) Coremine – a platform for domain-specific information communities, 2) Bioinformatics platform for the pharmacogenomic analysis of sequence variation in complex diseases, 3) MECMED - a fully integrated solution that makes patient-related information compiled, searchable and paired with contextual information from external sources such as PubMed and Drugbank. PubGene has been partner I two large FP6 projects 1) DIAMONDS - Dedicated Integration And Modelling Of Novel Data and prior knowledge to enable Systems biology, 2) MEMORIES - Design of an Audio semantic indexation system allowing information retrieval for the access to archive content). In addition PubGene AS is partner in on ongoing EUROSTARS project – PEPSPEX - Absolute quantification of proteins in mass spectrometers using specifically designed synthetic peptides.


Profile of staff members

Tor-Kristian Jenssen, Head of Research and Development, holds MSc and Ph.D degrees in Computer Sciences. He lectured Informatics at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1998 –1999, was a researcher in the Norwegian Cancer Hospital in 2001-2002, and a Board member of two strategic programs at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.


PubGene AS


 Recent publications relevant to the project:

  1. 1) A literature network of human genes for high-throughput analysis of gene expression.Jenssen et al., Nature Genetics 200128(21-28)