Nhumi Technologies

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Nhumi Technologies is a software company leader in the aggregation and visualization of clinical data. Its goal is to offer the most efficient solutions for clinicians and patients providing an easy and consistent access to all available data independent of its source, modality or format.


Nhumi Technologies offers two solutions focused either on clinical research (Study Insight) or on electronic health records (Visual Health). Both solutions are based on Nhumi’s powerful and flexible data analytics engine that enables users to interact with data according to its meaning. Visual Health organizes data based on its relationship to the human anatomy and gives the ability to explore and visualize data using a virtual model of the human body. Study Insight unifies clinical research data into a single data store and automatically generates interactive reports that can be easily accessed over the web. Scientists, doctors and patients can then use, explore and see all clinical data easily.


Previous experience

Nhumi Technologies develops innovative solutions with patient portals, pharmaceutical companies, university hospitals such as the University Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland) or regional healthcare organizations such as the Zealand region in Denmark. It also develops solutions for the public such as its drug safety web site available at http://drugsafety.nhumi.com. Nhumi Technologies is also participating in several research projects such as the Swiss KTI “NoSQL Data Warehouse” project with the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, or the FP7 Initial Training Network “Machine learning for personalize medicine”. 


Profile of staff members

Nhumi Technologies was founded by a team of IBM Research alumni with a background in machine learning, statistics and data analytics. Nhumi’s development team is composed of mathematicians, computer scientists and software engineers with a strong focus on data  management and visualization. Their technical competency include NoSQL data stores, information retrieval, terminologies and ontologies, statistical analysis, 3D graphics and graphical user interfaces. All team members have worked in innovative projects related to clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, medical imaging, virtual patients, and more generally eHealth.