Osteba, Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment

Description of the Organization:osteba

Osteba, Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment. Osteba was established in June 1992. It is accountable to the Knowledge Management and Evaluation Directorate of the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs in the Basque Country (Spain). Osteba is funded from the Health Department budget. Advisory committees provide scientific support and identify priorities in a structured way. OSTEBA works in close collaboration with epidemiology research units and the Drug Information Centre of the Basque Country and Coordinates the Spanish new and emerging health technologies Early Awareness and Alert network.

Previous experience:

Osteba has good experience in quality management, health technology assessment and networking. In fact, Osteba is member of the following European and International networks: EuroScan (founder members), INAHTA (founder members, members of the board of directors), EUnetHTA (associated partners and members of the executive), GIN (founder members, coordinators for Latin languages), HEN (group of advisors), WHO-Europe (collaborating centre). Osteba has also collaborated in other European projects such as: ECHTA-ECAHI, EurASESS, InnoHTA, ALCOVE and EUnetHTA. They have been members of the board of advisors of Public Health GENomics(PHGEN I) and current members of PHGEN II. The department of Health of the Basque Country is institutional member of the International Society for Health Technology Assessment HTAi.

Profile of staff members

Iñaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea PhD, M in Bioethics is the current secretary of the International Society of HTA (HTAi) and past-chair of EuroScan the International network for the Identification and Assessment of new and emerging health technologies. Rosa Rico Iturrioz, Head of Osteba is the current president of the Spanish Network for HTA under the auspicious of the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity. Gaizka Benguria-Arrate MSc, D in Pharmacology, is the current coordinator of the Spanish Network for the Identification and Assessment of new and emerging health technologies. Nora Ibargoyen-Roteta, MSc, PhD has coordinated projects of evaluation and monitoring of new technologies at the Spanish level and has expertise in the area of technology disinvestment. Estibalitz Orruño is the coordinator of the assessment of different projects of telemedicine and ICTs applications at the Basque Country and Spanish levels.


Osteba, Basque Office for HTA

Five recent publications relevant to the project

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