University of Twente - Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT), The Netherlands

Description of organizationctit

CTIT (Centre for Telematics and Information Technology) of the University of Twente is one of the largest academic ICT research institutes in Europe. About 450 researchers (250 fte) actively participate in the CTIT and the budget amounts to 30 M-Euro. The integration of technology-based research and its application in specific domains has become a clear focus of CTIT. Within CTIT, 28 research groups from 4 faculties joined forces: the spectrum ranges from primarily technology-oriented towards highly application-oriented. CTIT has bundled its research activities into six important ICT themes: Dependable Systems & Networks, Wireless and Sensor Systems, Security & Privacy, Natural Interaction in Computer-mediated Environments, Service architectures & software infrastructures for health, Industrial Engineering & ICT. The institute maintains an extensive international network of contacts and working relations with academia and industry. CTIT research leads to approx. 5-7 spin-off companies per year. CTIT initiated the establishment of the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT (NIRICT), which bundles the ICT research activities of the three Universities of Technology in the Netherlands. As such it is also one of the founding fathers of EIT.ICT Labs, that started end of 2009, in which NIRICT is one of the academic partners.


Previous experience

The experience of CTIT staff most relevant for ITFoM is represented by the work of the Formal Methods group on Model Checking and Systems Biology and the Information Security and Data Base groups on searching in encrypted (medical) data.


Willem Jonker and Pieter Hartel have researched cryptographic protocols to search in encrypted (medical) data for the past 10 years. This has led to a large number of solutions with different properties in terms of space efficiency, security and query expressivity. The results have been laid down in a large number of papers and patents which are best accessed via the PhD theses of Richard Brinkman, Luan Ibraimi and Saeed Sedghi. Willem Jonker is the founder and organizer of the Secure Data Management Workshop co-located with the worlds premier data base conference VLDB, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2012. The (refereed) proceedings are published by Springer. Hartel and Jonker are partners in a large national project TheCS: Trusted Healthcare Services.


Jaco van de Pol has significant experience in applying high-performance model checking to models from Systems Biology. He coordinated the FP6-NEST-STREP project EC-MOAN on Modelling and Analysis of Emergent Cell behaviour. He applied high-performance model-checking to mechanistic in-silico models provided by biologists in Amsterdam (Bruggeman, Westerhoff) and Grenoble (Geiselmann). Currently, he collaborates with the Tissue Regeneration group at the MIRA institute at the University of Twente, applying timed model-checking to gene-regulated signalling pathways in human chondrocytes to study osteoarthritis. Together, we developed ANIMO, a tool for interactive modelling, simulation and analysis of dynamic behaviour of biological models drawn in Cytoscape.

The underlying analysis power is based on distributed algorithms, multi-core algorithms and symbolic algorithms with binary decision diagrams.


Profile of staff members

Pieter Hartel leads the Information Security group of CTIT. He is Associate Editor of the Springer Open Access journal Crime Science.

Willem Jonker is currently CEO of EIT ICT Labs and part-time professor of computer science at Twente University. Before he was a vice president of Philips Research where he was amongst others responsible for Lifestyle research.

Jaco van de Pol leads the Formal Methods and Tools group of CTIT. He was keynote speaker at High-performance Computational Systems Biology (HIBI 2009, Cosbi, Trento) and hosted HIBI 2010 at the University of Twente.



Centre for Telematics and Information Technology of the University of Twente



Five recent publications relevant to the project

1) Ibraimi, L. and Tang, Qiang and Hartel, P.H. and Jonker, W. (2010) Exploring Type-and-Identity-Based Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme to Securely Manage Personal Health Records. International Journal of Computational Models and Algorithms in Medicine, 1(2):1-21.


2) Law, Yee Wei and Moniava, G. and Gong, Zheng and Hartel, P.H. and Palaniswami, M. (2011) KALwEN: a new practical and interoperable key management scheme for body sensor networks. Security and Communication Networks, 4(11):1309-1329.


3) Jonker, W. and Brinkman, R. and Maubach, S. (2009) Secure storage system and method for secure storing. Patent WO2007125454 (Assigned).


4) Laarman, A.W. and Langerak, R. and van de Pol, J.C. and Weber, Michael and Wijs, A. (2011) Multi-Core Nested Depth-First Search. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis (ATVA), pp. 321-335. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6996. Springer.


5) Barnat, J. and Chaloupka, J. and van de Pol, J.C. (2009) Distributed Algorithms for SCC Decomposition. Journal of Logic and Computation, 21(1):23-44.