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Bruker Daltonik is the major R&D hub within the mass spectrometry division of Bruker Corporation, Fremont, CA, USA, which is a global company listed at NASDAQ as BRKR. Bruker provides a broad range of high performance, easy to use Mass Spectrometry (MS) and analytical separation systems through. Drawing upon decades of experience and extensive technical and application expertise, Bruker delivers a series of innovative, fully integrated systems for use in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Applied Analytical, and Clinical Research areas. Utilizing a product and technology portfolio which includes MALDI-TOF MS, ESI-oTOF and qTOF MS, Ion Trap MS, FTMS, ICP-MS, nanoLC and GC/MS as well as GC systems, Bruker provides the best solutions for many analytical requirements. Application specific software and automation solutions, such as the ProteinScape Bioinformatics solution for quantitative Proteomics project analysis and management and glycoproteomics, are designed to provide turnkey solutions.

Bruker is also a worldwide leader in supplying MALDI-Biotyper systems for molecular pathogen identification and the MALDI Molecular Imager for molecular tissue imaging in clinical research and diagnostics. These very successful products for the biomedical market provide evidence for a very broad future success of mass spectrometric technologies in diagnosis and therapy prognosis.


Previous experience

Bruker has a more than 25 years history of developing, manufacturing and providing mass spectrometry based analytical systems. Initially these solutions addressed the homeland security market but rapidly included life science research, proteomics and pharmaceuticals. More recently metabolomics, forensics, biopharmaceutical development and QC, microbial diagnostics, biomarker discovery and identification and drug/metabolite distribution and safety studies through MALDI tissue imaging analysis expanded the scope of Bruker solutions into the clinical environment and health related applied markets. Bruker is ISO13485 certified and one of its products, the IVD MALDI Biotyper, is available as an IVD-CE labeled version. Several hundred Bruker MALDI-TOF systems are in operation in microbial diagnostics laboratories in clinics and private enterprises today..

Bruker has a very broad portfolio of mass spectrometric technologies that can be used for particular applications and the experience to develop and manufacture the instrumentation, application specific software, automation solutions and the respective methods to address all relevant target markets.


Profile of staff members

Carsten Baessmann, Dept Head R&D ESI Applications, has extensive experience in proteomics, biologics characterization and metabolomics. Recent fields of interests are screening assays for clinical drugs of abuse and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Detlev Suckau, Dept Head R&D MALDI Applications and Proteomics, has 21 years experience in protein mass spectrometry. Specific fields of experience are MALDI tissue imaging, Top-Down mass spectrometry for protein sequencing, proteomics technologies for protein identification and quantification, lipidomics as well as immuno mass spectrometric approaches and glycoprotein characterization.

Markus Kostrzewa, Director Molecular Biology, R&D and Dept Head R&D Clinical solutions, has been a pioneer in developing microorganism identification by mass spectrometry, i.e. Bruker's MALDI Biotyper, and bringing it to the clinics, includingan IVD-CE labeled version which is used in laboratories in routine diagnostics today.



Bruker Daltonics



Recent publications relevant to the project

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