We will harness the vast potential of ICT to revolutionise human health care. We will exploit the unprecedented amounts of detailed biological data for individual people, and turn this information into actual knowledge that helps us in taking medical and lifestyle decisions. By integrating the available biological data we will construct computational models of the biological processes that occur in every human. Since everybody is different, the models will be tailored to each individual to reflect their own unique anatomical, physiological and genetic makeup. ITFoM will lead the way towards truly personalised health care.

About the Project

Recent technological advances allow us to analyse patients all the way down to their proteins and chemicals and their own DNA sequences in just a couple of hours. On the basis of these data, a physician will be able to use a computer to quickly suggest individual advice or therapy: which drugs, what health risks, consequences of lifestyle changes, recommendations for diets or rehabilitation measures. Treatments will be more effective while side effects will be reduced.